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Specific Security Policies

Changing of Password and Shell

Please always use the web interface on the ICI-SC server to change your login password or your login shell for the cluster systems. Cluster-local commands cannot be used for this purpose.

Passwords must be changed at least once in a year. We are aware that this measure imposes some overhead on users, but believe that it is necessary on security reasons, having implemented it based on guidelines of ANSSI (national agency for information security) for recommended passwords (french version).

Changing the password is also necessary after it has been newly issued, or reset to a starting value by a master user or ICI-SC staff. This assures that actual authentication is done with a password known only to the account owner.

Using the cron or at commands

This is not allowed on the ICI-SC cluster. Please submit SLURM batch jobs for performing computations.

Moving data from/to the cluster

ftp access to the cluster from outside (and also within the clusters) is disabled for security reasons. Please use scp (Secure Copy) to move data between platforms.

User accounts are personalized

User accounts are always assigned to a particular person. For a number of reasons, sharing of user accounts between different persons is not permitted; if noticed, it will lead to the account being deactivated by ICI-SC. All involved parties (including the Master User of the account's project) will be notified with information on the measures needed to rectify the situation.

Firewall, networking

The cluster is protected from certain types of external attacks by a firewall, the configuration of which may impact the functionality of certain applications as described in the following.

X11 Protocol

Direct X11 connections (via xhost or xauth) are prohibited, only ssh tunneling is supported.


None of the batch nodes in the cluster are by default routed to the outside world. Please contact ICI-SC HPC support if you require a particular system to be routed to the batch nodes.

Electronic mail

We recommend you to always have your email address reacheable otherwise please contact support user

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