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Storage policies

User space is limited on the Home Directory filesystem /home/<login> () to 5GB per user reacheable from compute, login and viz nodes . Today the contents of this filesystem are NOT backed up, meaning that damaged or accidentally deleted files CANNOT be restored.

Each user has access to a large high performance Scratch Storage filesystem available under /scratch/<login> (). Currently there is no quota imposed on scratch but we reserve the right to change that policy at any time. The /scratch filesystem is not backed up and its primary u se is for data processing. Any critical data should be backed up using other means.

Group Storage (or Project Storage) is for sharing data between multiple user accounts and like Scratch Storage, is not to be used as a long-term data archive. Aging Group Scratch data is subject to automatic migration and/or deletion. Project has 100GB quota disk and 2millions files on /<project>

Find here the appropriate file system usage...

The amount of space currently being used in your can be seen either by the home script Myquota either with the following unix command, be patient it can take a while depending the number of files you have in your home directory

du -shc ~
# 12K	/home/randria
# 912K	total  <--- here is the total used in KB

Be aware that within a group folder, multiple users can access, read, and write to the same files simultaneously. If more than one process is writing to the same file at the same time, the file will become corrupted and unrecoverable except through a restore from backup, if the backup exists.

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