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homedata management

Online Storage

The Storage Cluster at ICI-SC serves a central GPFS fileserver (IBM's General Parallel File System) for the supercomputing system, LIGER.

At the time ISC is built by GPFS Storage Servers (GSS) with servers, storage JBODS, and GPFS Native RAID which includes the storage controller part into GPFS. Thereby it uses the declustered RAID technology to deliver not only outstanding throughput, but also extreme data integrity, faster rebuild times, and enhanced data protection.

ICI-SC holds a local GPFS cluster with different GPFS file systems dedicated to the kind of usage by the users.

Access to the data from the HPC-systems is in general realized by Remote GPFS functions, in one case combined with CNFS (Clustered Network File System).

The measured peak performance for applications on LIGER using the fast scratch file system () and the dedicated file system () on the GSS infrastructure was ??? GB/sec.

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