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Appropriate File System Usage

The following table gives an overview of the available file system resources on Liger Clusters.

Recommendation: ICI-SC has defined an environment variable which should be used as a base path for reading/writing large scratch files. Since the target of may change over time, it is recommended to use this variable instead of hard-coded paths.

Today NO BACKUP is performed neither on nor
Please do a copy by your own or ask your IT services.
A backup solution is under study for a futur deployment. Sorry for this inconvenience.

GPFS Filesystem

File System Usable Space Limit Backup Description / Usage
814 TB no limit NO Full path to the user's standard scratch directory inside GPFS

temporary storage location for applications with large size and I/O demands;
data are automatically deleted (files after 90 days by modification
and access date, empty directories after 3 days)
30 TB 5GB per user NO1) Full path to the user's home directory inside GPFS

for source code, scripts, small static data, binaries, libraries, and applications
/[group] 45 TB 100GB per project
1 millions files
NO2) Full path to limited available user's project data directory inside GPFS

storage for projects in collaboration with ICI; needed space must
be applied for explicitly
/softs 2 TB denied for users NO3) Software repository

modules, flexlm, XF libraries, etc.


Variable Mount point Access Type Protocol
/scratch/[login] Login
GPFS device
/home/[login] Login
/data/ Login
not defined /softs Login

More details about

Good practice notes

(use tar for lot of small files, don't rename directories)

  • Avoid a lot of small files
    Numerousness small files should be reorganized within tar-archives to avoid long access times due to deficiencies in file processing of the underlaying operating system.
  • Avoid renaming of directories
    a rename of directories within the data path should be done carefully because all data beyond the changed directory must be backed up once again. If a large amount of data is affected, it prevents backup of really new data in the entire file system and wastes system resources like CPU time.
will soon be available
2) , 3)
in study
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