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Documentations are not complete yet. Please always refresh pages before reading.
However, if you find errors and have any comments, please feel free to discuss.

Using the cluster

LIGERThe Main Cluster
Connect to HPC SystemsEssential information on how to login to LIGER and compile, write batch scripts and submit jobs
PoliciesSpecific configuration and policies on the clusters
Access/EnvironmentLists more detailed information about login and user environment
Data TransferInformation about efficient data transfer methods
Filesystem & IOInformation about the supporting GPFS filesystems, backup, restore, usage, limits
Job ManagementSubmission, scheduling and status of batch and interactive jobs (keywords, commands, classes, samples, variables)
Compiling and TuningCompiling and tuning applications on LIGER
srunProgram execution on LIGER
Shared LibrariesShared Libraries and dynamic executables
Shared Memory UsageUsage of shared memory on LIGER
Module EnvironmentDefines the environment for various scientific applications
Debugging Parallel ApplicationsUsing Compiler flags, Allinea DDT
Bull Extreme Factory (XCS)3D remote visualization portal
Visualization ClusterPostprocessing and visualization
Resource LimitsList of hard and soft resource limits
Quota and AccountingCPU quota schema, job accounting and status querying
MaintenanceDescription of maintenance regulations
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