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Visualization is an important tool for analyzing and understanding data. The visualization support at ICI assists users by developing and adapting software tools to meet special needs.

Scientific Visualization with Bull Extreme Factory

Bull offers extreme factory private hosted, where your HPC Cloud infrastructure is designed, implemented, hosted and operated by Bull experts in a secure Data Center. The connection is via secure Internet gateway (at a custom bandwidth) or VPN supported by your operator or Bull. This approach allows for full customization to provide you with the computing environment that best suits your patterns of usage and your applications, while retaining the flexibility of the public Cloud. You get defined service levels and maximum performance without the need for your teams to get involved, so they can focus on other tasks. This model is particularly well suited to companies and organizations that need long-term access to computing resources: extreme factory private hosted lets you concentrate all your energy on your innovations.

Extreme factory frees up your capacity for innovation


  • Since installation → version 2.2.1
  • 2017-01-04 → upgraded to version 2.4

Supplying software tools


General tools and special software used at ICI-SC

  • Visit
  • ParaView

Visualization Cluster


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