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A Single Point Of Access

The extreme factory computing studio (XCS) secure portal gives users and system administrators alike direct access to all resources and applications. The user interface is born out of a continual dialogue between Bull and its customers, so extreme factory computing studio truly reflects users’ expectations when it comes to HPC applications. Once a user is logged on, he or she can access a complete work environment, customized for their job role and applications. From there, they can load and manage data, set parameters for the simulation, run the calculation, track its progress, and then proceed to post-processing and visualization of results.

ICI-SC Administrators can manage users and roles, resources, task scheduling, application licensing…

As a single gateway to the HPC environment, extreme factory computing studio simplifies the handling and management of an HPC cluster, and lets you focus on the actual calculation and results.

Security: essential at every level

Whether it’s for fundamental research or new product development, the data from computer simulations is among the most critical for companies and laboratories alike, as it goes right to the heart of their investments, strategy and know-how. For Bull, security is a fundamental component of HPC: so our extreme factory solutions natively integrate very high levels of security to protect data and exchanges. Interconnections are covered by a secure protocol, IP addresses are filtered (only the client’s own domain name is allowed), and users can only access a virtual machine, not the physical machine, to ensure total data partitioning.

For security reasons, all application installations are carried out by Bull teams. Other options (VPN, encryption…) are possible depending on the context and needs.

A convenient and secure visualization tool

Bull’s exclusive 3D visualization module, extreme factory remote visualizer (XRV) is compatible with most available applications and lets you use post-processing modules directly on the server: only the compressed image is transferred to the user workstation. Exchanging less data means greater security, more fluidity, and less use of infrastructure resources (networks, user workstations…), as well as being more convenient for users and offering more opportunities for increased collaboration.

Application expertise and service: getting more from support

In areas as sophisticated as industrial design and scientific research, the slightest difference in the quality and accuracy of results can have a significant impact. To gain an extra edge in performance and obtain perfectly understandable and usable results, each link in the chain has to be optimized: and only a person who knows the area of ​​application, the software used, the vocabulary or common way to present the results will be able to translate business needs into technical settings.

In Bull’s dedicated HPC teams with ICI-SC experts, technological expertise is coupled with genuine scientific know-how. Thanks to this dual culture, the services that support extreme factory solutions provide a significant added value at every stage of the project: the design of the solution architecture; platform design and optimization; the ergonomy and securty of the work environment; integration of third-party tools, post-processing of the data produced… In addition – when it comes to hosted solutions – industry-scale application services (maintenance, monitoring…) ensure high levels of service and usability via a single point of contact.

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