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Visualisation Without XCS

This solution should not be preferred if XCS is available.
SSH encrypts flow connections, so display will be degraded

  1. Connect to the XCS portal (
  2. Submit a New Visualization Session (paraview, etc.)
  3. Get the job ID

  1. Connect by SSH with your the same login/pwd used for XCS
  2. Go to the directory “Jobs”
    cd Jobs/<jobID>
  3. Read the file .viz_session_details and notice the first 3 lines   <===
    port:25901                <===
    password:9uyb&pfG?zNZHuUH <===
  4. Run on your computer, either Xrv or VNC and enter the 3 lines info above and connect
    1. if you haven't Xrv installed yet, you can find it on the XCS portal on the page when you will submit a visu job at the bottom under “Downloads”
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