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Requirements for Insyght's standalone virtual machine

  • As the operating system of the guest image is Ubuntu-64, your host environnement must be a 64-bit architecture
  • Min disk space (free hard drive space) : 30 GB
  • Min RAM (system memory) : 4 GB (8 Go recommended)
  • 2 GHz dual core processor or better
  • Internet access is helpful

Troubleshooting : if the virtual machine won't load and show a black screen, consider checking for the following parameters :

  • VT-x (virtualisation technology) must be enabled in the bios. Please contact your system administrator if you are unsure on how to enable VT-x in the bios.
  • As the guest operating system is Ubuntu, it requires PAE support from the CPU to run. Please enable PAE/NX setting in your virtualization software.
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