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Desktop version installation guide

Currently this Desktop version of SHiNeMaS is only available on Linux as it uses Docker. We are working on a windows version of this Desktop Application.

Download SHiNeMaS source code

Install Docker Community Edition

Regarding your Linux distribution and version it can be called : docker,, docker-engine, docker-ce (for the most recent distribution).

Have a look to Docker documentation here :

Make docker accessible for any user

By default docker can be used only as admin user. You need to add your user to docker group:
sudo usermod -aG docker

Then, restart your session

Install the docker image

From a terminal, move to the repository containing the source code
cd _docs/install/desktop/

Run the installation script :

Restart your session.

Initialize the database

The first time you use the app, you have to initialize the database :
shinemas initdb

The installation process creates a .shinemas/ folder in your home directory. It contains the database and the files stored by the app.

SHiNeMaS do not save this folder automatically, the backup of the data is up to you !

Installation is now done !

Using SHiNeMaS

To start/stop shinemas in a terminal :

shinemas start
shinemas stop

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