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HDF5 format specifications


The purpose of a Vino file is to store a viability kernel approximation. The file should contains the data describing the geometry of the kernel and all the metadata describing the context of this kernel.

The format should store within the data, these structured metadata:

  • the viability problem description
    • category
    • title
    • issue
    • state dimension
    • state name and abbreviation
    • control dimension
    • control name and abbreviation
    • dynamics description
    • admissible control description
    • dynamics parameters
    • state constraint description
    • state constraint parameters
    • target description
    • target parameters
  • the parameters of the dynamics, constraints and targets for this kernel
    • dynamics parameter values
    • state constraint parameter values
    • target parameter values
  • the kernel approximation algorithm used
    • software name
    • software author
    • software version
    • bibliographic reference
    • software website
    • software contact
    • software parameters
  • format description
    • format name
    • format description
    • format parameters list
  • general results data metadata
    • author
    • submission date
    • contact e-mail
    • software parameters values
    • format parameters values (for example, method “isInside” compatible with the implementation of the viability algorithm)
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