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This project offers tools for managing viability kernel:

  • reading and writing viability kernel in a hdf5 format
  • functions for analysing, comparing and viewing viability kernel

This project is supported by the French Network for Complex Systems.

WARNING: This page contains outdated information and must be updated!

HDF5 format

Motivation: defining a robust, efficient and interoperable file format for storing and exchanging computed kernels.

HDF5 is designed for storing large amount of data with metadata on each set of data in a same file. It is widely used by high performance scientific applications.

As soon as the structure will be fixed, it could be interesting to produce a XDMF file that describe the schema.

Common API

The tools will be distributed for several platforms: R, C, python, JVM and will share a common API. For instance, the targeted modules are:

  • hdf5 IO: reading and writing kernel in a defined HDF5 format
  • modification and discretization of kernel: how to convert from a kernel representation from another if possible (from an irregular grid to a regular grid for example)
  • comparison: how to compare two kernels
  • visualization

Community Web Portal

For building a community and for sharing and comparing easily the computed kernel approximations, a website is planned.


detailed specifications are in progress.

Kernel Examples

Sample files for making test are available on this shared storage (ask for account).

  • Lake (2D)
    • analytical solution available in python on the git repository
  • Languages (3D)

Work with sources

You can retrieve the sources with git:

git clone git://git.renater.fr/vino.git

Or browse it here or on github.

You can browse current issues or submit a new one.


Joining the developers team

You have to init your account by logging a first time on sourcesup (if not yet done) and ask to managers to add your account into the project.

Then, you have to upload your SSH public key on your account configuration page (“Edit keys” section at bottom).

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