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In the agricultural world where the major issue is to be able to produce steadily despite climatic, economic and environmental changes, the use of diversified agro-ecosystems (at the inner and intra-varietal level) is a major solution as they offer a better resilience when facing fluctuating environmental conditions. Among the elements that act on diversity dynamics, one can find the circulation of seeds between farmers.

The objective of this project is to create a software allowing to simulate the evolution of a cultivated meta-population thanks to the different evolutionnary forces (drift, selection, mutation, ...). The difference of this tool compared to others already existing is that we include our model in the farmer seed exchange point of view, which is modeled as a migration from a group of seeds of a population to an other.

In a first time, the simulations allowed to evaluate our model by comparing its results to theoretical results. Then, simulations have been done in order to compare the impact of the exchange network on diversity inside the meta-population. These results are preliminary and must be further developped, though they allow to observe significant differences of diversity between the different tested networks.

These first tests being comforting, the software will be used in a more intensive way in order to simulate more complex scenarios which would emphasize the role of certain parameters on cultivated diversity


To install CropMetaPop,you can use the folowing command :

$ pip3 install cropmetapop

In order to use the command from the terminal without further commands, you might need to use sudo command ($ sudo pip3 install cropmetapop) to install the software.

Please note that, if we demonstrate here how to install only on *nix systems, CropMetaPop can easily be installed on Windows. To do so, please refer to the documentation of the software


To get a quick start with CropMetaPop, you can download this example file, move into the directory you downloaded the file to, and run the program with :

$ cropmetapop example.set


You can access the full documentation to install and use CropMetaPop by following these links, either in HTML or in PDF.