Two images are registered with mutual-information. The cost function takes also into account the Euclidean distance between corresponding points (landmarks).


Get the default configuration and test the elastix version

myElxConf = elxDefaultConfiguration();
[Status, ErrorMessage] = elxTestElastixVersion(myElxConf);
if ~Status,

The fixed image: two squares

The fixed image represents two squares

ISize = [300 320];
FixedImage.Data = 80*ones(ISize);
FixedImage.x{1} = 5*(0:ISize(1)-1)-10;
FixedImage.x{2} = 5*(0:ISize(2)-1)-20;
[FX1, FX2] = ndgrid(FixedImage.x{:});
FixedImage.Data(80:130,80:130) = 128;
FixedImage.Data(180:230,180:230) = 128;
FixedImage.Data = uint8(FixedImage.Data + 10*randn(ISize));

The moving image: one larger square

MovingImage.x{1} = 5*(0:ISize(1)-1)+15;
MovingImage.x{2} = 5*(0:ISize(2)-1)+30;
[MX1, MX2] = ndgrid(MovingImage.x{:});
MovingImage.Data = 80*ones(ISize);
MovingImage.Data(150:210,150:210) = 30;
MovingImage.Data = uint8(MovingImage.Data + 10*randn(ISize));

The elastix parameters

We choose:

myElxParam = cell(1);
myElxParam{1} = elxDefaultParameters('SimilarityTransform', 2);
% As the cost function is the sum of two metric, we set the Registration
% to MultiMetricMultiResolutionRegistration and specify the weight.
% See elastix 4.5 manual §6.1
myElxParam{1}.Registration = 'MultiMetricMultiResolutionRegistration';
myElxParam{1}.Metric = {'AdvancedMattesMutualInformation', ...
myElxParam{1}.Metric0Weight = 1;
% We will loop over this Metric1Weight parameter
Metric1Weight = [1/2000; 1/200];
myElxParam{1}.MaximumNumberOfIterations = 50;
myElxParam{1}.NumberOfSpatialSamples = 0.05*prod(ISize);
myElxParam{1}.AutomaticScalesEstimation = true;
NumberOfResolutions = 4;
myElxParam{1}.NumberOfResolutions = NumberOfResolutions;
myElxParam{1}.MaximumStepLength = 80;
myElxParam{1}.BSplineInterpolationOrder = 1;
myElxParam{1}.DefaultPixelValue = 80;
myElxParam{1}.ResultImagePixelType = 'unsigned char';

The fixed and moving Corresponding points (landmarks)

FixedPointSet.Points = [FixedImage.x{1}([80 130 130]).' FixedImage.x{2}([80 80 130]).'];
MovingPointSet.Points = [MovingImage.x{1}([150 210 210]).' MovingImage.x{2}([150 150 210]).'];

Plot the fixed and moving images as well and the corresponding points

figure(1); colormap gray
subplot(1, 2, 1);
imagesc(FixedImage.x{[2 1]}, FixedImage.Data, [0 255]);
hold on;
plot(FixedPointSet.Points(:,2), FixedPointSet.Points(:,1), 'o');
hold off;
axis image; title('Fixed image');
xlabel('x\{2\}'); ylabel('x\{1\}');
subplot(1, 2, 2);
imagesc(MovingImage.x{[2 1]}, MovingImage.Data, [0 255]);
hold on
plot(MovingPointSet.Points(:,2), MovingPointSet.Points(:,1), 'o');
hold off;
axis image; title('Moving image');
xlabel('x\{2\}'); ylabel('x\{1\}');

Testing the two weights

for Cpt = 1:2
  myElxParam{1}.Metric1Weight = Metric1Weight(Cpt);
  StringWeight1 = sprintf('(Metric1Weight=%.2e)', Metric1Weight(Cpt));
  [strRegMoving,Transforms,log,success,message] = elxElastix(myElxConf, ...
    myElxParam, FixedImage, MovingImage, 'FixedPointSet', FixedPointSet, ...
    'MovingPointSet', MovingPointSet);
  if ~success
    disp(sprintf('  elastix message: %s\n',message{:}))
    disp(sprintf('Image registered in %f s', log.ElapsedTimeInSec));
    disp(sprintf('Transformation parameters : %f %f %f %f', Transforms{1}.TransformParameters));

Plot the registered moving image, the corresponding points defined in the fixed image

  figure(2); colormap gray
  imagesc(strRegMoving(1).x{[2 1]}, strRegMoving(1).Data, [0 255]);
  hold on;
  plot(FixedPointSet.Points(:,2), FixedPointSet.Points(:,1), 'o');
  hold off;
  axis image;
  title(['Registered moving image ' StringWeight1]);
  xlabel('x\{2\}'); ylabel('x\{1\}');

  %%% Plot the metrics for each resolution
  subplot(3, 1, 1)
  xlabel('Iteration #');
  title(['The total cost ' StringWeight1]);
  subplot(3, 1, 2);
  xlabel('Iteration #');
  title('Mutual Information');
  subplot(3, 1, 3);
  xlabel('Iteration #');
  title('Mean Euclidian distance');
  elastix message: Error: 
  elastix message: SimilarityTransform(index 1) - This component is not installed!
  elastix message: ERROR: error occurred while creating Transform 0.
  elastix message: 
  elastix message: itk::ExceptionObject (0x25a7f00)
  elastix message: Location: "unknown" 
  elastix message: File: /opt/torino/elastix-4.6-source/src/Core/Kernel/elxElastixMain.cxx
  elastix message: Line: 644
  elastix message: Description: itk::ERROR: ElastixMain(0x2561570): The following component could not be created: SimilarityTransform
  elastix message: 
  elastix message: 
  elastix message: ERROR:
  elastix message: One or more components could not be created.
  elastix message: Errors occurred!



Copyright (C) CNRS and Riverside Research Contributors: Alain CORON, Jonathan MAMOU (2010)

alain.coron@upmc.fr, JMamou@riversideresearch.org

This software is a computer program whose purpose is to effectively register images within Matlab (http://www.mathworks.com) with elastix (http://elastix.isi.uu.nl/), an open-source image-registration software.

This software was supported in part by NIH Grant CA100183, the Riverside Research Biomedical Engineering Research Fund, and CNRS.

This software is governed by the CeCILL-B license under French law and abiding by the rules of distribution of free software. You can use, modify and/ or redistribute the software under the terms of the CeCILL-B license as circulated by CEA, CNRS and INRIA at the following URL "http://www.cecill.info".

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