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Framework EMULSION is intended for modellers in epidemiology, to help them design, simulate, and revise complex mechanistic stochastic models, without having to write or rewrite huge amounts of code.

It comes with a Domain-Specific Language to represent all components of epidemiological models (assumptions, model structure, parameters…) in an explicit, intelligible and revisable way, and thus facilitate interactions with other scientists (biologists, veterinarians, economists…) throughout the modelling process. EMULSION models are automatically processed by a modular simulation engine, which, if needed, can also incorporate small code add-ons for representing very specific features of a model (Fig. 1).

Models can use classical modelling paradigms (compartments, individual-based models, metapopulations) and multiple scales (from individuals to metapopulations), thanks to recent research in Artificial Intelligence (see Information).


Fig. 1 Principles of framework EMULSION

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