Welcome to our MIC-SEC-2022’s hands-on!

The evaluation of security countermeasures is essential. Experimentation on real use cases and reproducibility are also important. In the field of embedded systems security we often face a technological barrier and we have to master a multitude of software and hardware tools. Moreover, our contributions often target a specific point and therefore we are not necessarily experts of all the components of a system on chip (SoC). The technical task then usually takes a lot of time when creating an experimental test bench. We propose in this practical work to discover some tools allowing to deploy a SoC (with associated software) and to evaluate it on FPGA board for a use case of security of communicating embedded systems.


This hands-on session will try to answer the following question: How to quickly deploy a SoC on FPGA to evaluate security solutions?


Hands-on materials will be updated soon. To track updates you can check this document or the Git repository (https://git.renater.fr/anonscm/git/mic-sec-2022/mic-sec-2022.git). A link to download the virtual machine for the hands-on will be available soon!

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