Software projects

The larger software projects I have worked (or been working) on include:

XMG compiler

Compiler for the XMG description language written in Oz and which is used to describe formal grammars in a factorized way by means of logical operators. The result of compilation is an electronic grammar in an XML format. It is described in the following paper.


Symbolic deep syntactic parser written in Java and which computes a deep syntax tree from an input electronic grammar and sentence. TuLiPA uses Range Concatenation Grammar as a pivot formalism and is described in the following paper.


pytreeview is a treebank visualizer and explorer written in Python. pytreeview supports various input format (XMG-like XML, XTAG, Tiger, CONLL, FTB). It is described in this demo paper.


HALLO stands for HAL Lightweight Observer. It is a command-line tool written in Perl, which can be used to extract and display information from the HAL open scientific archives.


taln2x (ex-taln2acl) is an editorial management tool written in Python, which compiles from a set of articles gathered via a conference management system (e.g. easychair) proceedings in various formats (namely PDF, ACL anthology, HAL, and TALN-archives). taln2x has been used to ingest TALN proceedings into the ACL anthology.

Git repositories

You can find more contributions of mine on my and accounts:

Gitlab account used for personal and past professional projects.

Gitlab account on Inria’s instance used for current professional projects (only public projects are displayed).

Last update: 2023-07-06