Writing presentations

When interacting with an audience, written material often comes in handy.

As a friend of mine once said: “the slides are as much a tool for my audience as they are for me. They, among other things, help me focus on my message and provides me with a roadbook.”

I recently discovered web-based frameworks such as reveal.js or the like (e.g. remarkjs, etc.). These build on web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) to provide users with many functionalities, including:

  • extensive customization (CSS templates)
  • layout separated from content (written in HTML and/or markdown)
  • plugins (e.g. markdown extensions)
  • integration with JS libraries
  • presenter mode
  • easy inclusion of video / audio / html files
  • etc.

To sum up, it opens new ways for interacting with an audience, while keeping it relatively simple (once the configuration is set). Plus, this is open-source software and gathers a large community of users (which means many tutorials are available).

Last update: 2020-02-05