The LORIA toolbox for Tree Adjoining Grammars

  The LORIA toolbox is a grammar development environment for Tree Adjoining Grammars suitable for both parsing and generation. This environment can deal with wide-coverage grammars, and differs from existing environments for TAG in that it includes a semantic dimension. Moreover, it is open-source and freely available.  
  This toolbox combines existing software and aims at facilitating grammar development, More precisely, this toolbox includes:  

XMG - an eXtensible MetaGrammar compiler for Tree-based formalisms

LEX2ALL - a lexicon converter. It converts lexicon in a specific format (.lex files) to DyALog, LLP2 or Geni format.



DyALog - a compiler for tabular logic programming well adapted for parser compilation

LLP2 - a TAG parser with a Graphical Environment

SemConst - a semantic construction module building flat semantic representations on top of tabular syntactic parsing

GenI - a chart TAG surface realiser

gtester - benchmarking environment for GenI (pending release)



All these tools are freely available and released under either the GPL or the CeCILL license.

Moreover they are multi-platforms (except DyALog and SemConst), see the corresponding webpages.


Eric DOT Kow AT gmail DOT com
Yannick DOT Parmentier AT loria DOT fr



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